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Catching up

There has been a lot going on this past month and keeping up with two boys and maintaining their FB pages as well as playing with my new toy whenever time allows has kept me pretty tied up.
When I get home the first priority is to give Jan some breathing space.  That usually means taking Corey out for a ride or walk or something.  Then when the evening feeding of Sean is over and he is snoozing in his chair, Jan goes and turns into a mermaid in the bathtub for a while.  I don't begrudge her as she has to deal with Sean and a rather jealous Corey all day long.

Finally, when Jan gets out of the tub and is somewhat rejuvinated, I get about an hour of "me time" to go upstairs and shower, then use what remaining time I have to read, play or surf the web.  Sometimes I get a longer respite as often, I have to get "out of sight" in order for Corey to go to sleep.  He associates daddy with play-time and sometimes when Jan wants to put him down for the night, she tells me to "go away".
I suspect that this is going to be pretty much the normal modus operandi for some time to come.

Sean is still getting up every 2 to 3 hours, but Jan says the he usually goes right back down after feeding.
Corey is sleeping through the nights most of the time, bit occasionally he wakes up and wanders into the living room while Jan is feeding Sean and crawls up on the sofa and goes back to sleep next to Jan.  Jan is very good about making sure I get enough sleep since I am usually up around 5 and have an hour drive in and an hour drive home at the end of the day.  I'm the one bringing home the bacon so Jan makes sure I get all the rest I can.   Bless her!  I try to capitulate by taking Corey in hand every Saturday for as long as  he can stand it (usually 3-6 hours or until he starts to fall asleep).  Jan usually tries to catch up on her "me-time" then, but until Sean is weaned off mommy, she just has to take what ever she can.

Head count at the house:
1 daddy
1 mommy
1 bug (Corey)
1 mouse (Sean)
8 cats (Stormy, Herbie, Pinky, Winkin, Blinkin, Nod, Roscoe & Enos)

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